Love is always for you

When people ask me,

Why I love you?

Then I stay silent,

I didn’t tell them about that,

I didn’t want,


I don’t want anybody who loves you like me,

If you asking me about that,


I didn’t tell you,

Because I am afraid to express myself,

But I can’t hide myself in front of you,

Yes, I love you,

Not because I hope to get something from you,

Or because you love me the same way,

I never want this from you,


I want from you one thing,

If you’re in trouble then allow me to stay with you for sometime,


It’s enough for me….


A pending love

I want to go far away from the city,

I don’t like it,

I can not take trouble anymore,

Whom we are going to wipe out of life,

He is coming forward again and again,

No love seems to love anymore,

Everyone is selfish,

#Pending, #Love

The more people whom I wanted in life,

They make fun of me,

And whoever does not want it, it just remains,

It was not the day before that I didn’t laugh,

But now there is no day I didn’t cry,

Now it’s existence seems just nonsense,


I want to stay myself but I can not do that,

Often the past came forward,

What did I get from this life?

No love, No trust, No value got nothing,

Yes, just without deceit,

I dreamed about that day!

I never thought about it,

So, Why is this being with me?

What is my defect?

… Nargis…


When I do not sleep on any night,

The toons of your piano help me to sleep,

When my heart is very bad,

I know

Then you play the piano for me,

So that you can make my heart a little better,

#Piano, #For you, #Love

And when you teach me playing piano,

Most of the time I look at you,

And I’ll be lost in your words,

You know, now the sound of this piano have become my habit,

And also you.

That maybe I can not live without all.



You are special to me all the time,

Every time, Every moment,

I do not need any special days

Or no special time is required,

This 365 days you’re special to me,


#Special, #You, #Love

I can not give you any specific time to love you!

My all time is for you,

I can not do it,

Who will love you by seeing time,

If days are very important,

Than for me, Everyday happy Valentine’s day!

Please, say little,

Am I wrong!

… Nargis…

It’s not a poem

Does love really come once in life?

Maybe it’s right or not,

Many people come to our lives are on our way,

And than goes back,

But during this coming visit,

Only a few bad moments left,

Which just goes happy with our lives,


On the other hand,

Someone comes to our life,

Whose touch is all right,

Let us live a new way,

Forget everything, a new path begins,

This is how our lives go,

Someone comes and someone goes away,

But someone is with you for a lifetime….

… Nargis…


How would I have someone other than you?

I do not have much courage,

How can I think of someone other than you?

Without which I can not spend my time,

And you are telling me that I forget you!

You can’t do this with me,

#How, #You, #Love

You ask me to sacrifice!

Will you be good without me?

Maybe you can!

Your life is now the right of someone else,

I am nothing of you,

There is no value to me?

I was surprised about that I really love you?

Now that’s who’s in front of me that I don’t know him,

If you’re happy,

Then I will not love you anymore,

I released you today from my heart, my mind,

Stay well…

… Nargis…

Your Wish

Today I want to fulfill your wish,

You will be with me today!

Today I will be go with you to that place,

Which is your dream,

Today there are many colors of flowers in this place,

#Wish, #You, #Love

They are waiting to welcome you,

You will be with me today!

They will sing and dance for your happiness,

And I’ll just see you,

Which I have not seen many days,

What you have hidden from me,

And it’s your wonderful smile,

You will be with me today!

… Nargis…