I hate you 🖤

I was falling love with you when you aren’t exist in my life,

I always heard that love is blind,

But i never believe that’s such of things,

And you proved me wrong,

But when you came in my life,


I’m forget that love is not beautiful,

It’s a painful thing,

Seriously, How stupid i am!

I’m just a unused paper for you,

That’s because you brun me, tear me,

You believe me or not,

I was falling love with you,

Just you,

I was mad only for you,

I was cry just only for you,

But Now i only hate you,

I hate you.

I hate you….


You are beautiful 🌻

We always think that our skin tone is very important for our beauty. But that’s not true. Because It’s just a temporary things. If you you love yourself then see the reflection. But you know what is the bad thing about this, we know everything, we believe everything. But at the end of the time we lose our confidence.


That’s because we care about that kind of criticism, we care about that what other people think about you, But we always forget that It’s can’t be impact in our life. And it’s doesn’t matter. And makeup doesn’t make you beautiful. But when you smiling and let things go that’s makes you beautiful.

Live as long as you can’t be achieve your own goal. Own identity.

And you deserve a better life,

You have right to be smiled,

So be happy with your own things and own beauty.❤

So Don’t angry with yourself. Be gentle. And you are as beautiful as you think…….


Love is in the air 🌹

Love is in the air. You can feel that. Which word i like the most It’s love. If we share or showing our love with others that’s can be a great start in the world. And maybe in the near future we can seen that a lovely or an wonderful world.


No matter which religion came from are you. There are two parts in the world. One is Angle and one is devil. Angle try to share love but on the other side devil try to share violencess. When we killed our cruelty inside from our mind than you can find precious stone. which is hiding Beside your inhumanity. In this side for the most important things is that,

first you love yourself. If you don’t love yourself,than nobody can love you. So, if you choose bright side of your life than it’s can change your life in just one second. So keep in your mind that love never feel you down. Rather than you can achieve many things with that. For example, Respect, kindness, love and etc. So, just start a new life with a new things. Because your positive thought can changed the world and also your life.


সমাপ্তি 🍃

কোন এক রক্তিম রাস্তায়,

পড়ে থাকবে আমার লাশ,

কেউ ধরবে না আমায়,

সবাই তাকিয়ে থাকবে আমার সেই নিথর দেহ,

হয়ত কেউ কেউ সেদিন কাদঁবে,

আর কেউ হয়ত খুশি থাকবে,

কেননা আর যে কেউ বিরক্ত করার মত নেই,

সেদিন খুব শীগ্রই আমায় সাজানো হবে,

আমার শেষ দিনে আমি একাই যাব,

আমার এই রক্তাক্ত জীবনে অনেকের কালো ছায়া বাচতে দেয় নি আমায়,

অনেক হিংস্র মনোভাব ব্যক্ত হবে সেই দিনে,

আমার হিসেব নিয়ে তাদের অনেক চিন্তা,

কেননা পাওনা তো দেওয়া হয়নি এখনও!

………………………………. …….#Nargis


Grooming for you 💎

Is it very necessary to love others girls,

Am i not enough to love you!

It’s need to be fascinated on the others beauty,

When i set up myself for you,

you know nah i am very fancy girl,

Today i am grooming myself with your blue saree,

i don’t know you like or not!

Today i arranged my hair with some red roses,

I know,

that things you love it very much,

And also i put on some colourful bangles in my hand,

I don’t how am i look like!

today i am feel very nervous,

I don’t know why am i blushing today,

Maybe in this spring,

That will be start a new chapter in my life.


Dominations 🌷

I want to make sure that you love me,

I can’t stay with erroneous decisions,

You can’t down my intuition,

Love is in the air

So, just say me.

And clear my feelings,

it’s significant for me,

Because i don’t want to stay with you like this,

I want dwell with you,

But not like this,

Yeah, you’re very important for me,

So, i don’t want to lose you.

Please, just give me your hand,

And i’ll hold it for rest of my life.