It’s Beautiful

It’s beautiful feeling,

When I tell you that I love you,

It’s beautiful moment,

When I stay with you,

It’s beautiful journey,


Because it’s always remind you,

It’s beautiful seasons–

Because you love this,

It’s beautiful screct ,

Because it’s never reveal,

I am feeling so Amazing–

It’s cause of your love,

It’s beautiful!

Because I blue you.

I think everything is going to be wrong with me,

But it’s perfect for me.




Today the time should not end.

I don’t want to go from here.

Every time why the beautiful moment should disappeared.

That time’s always passing.

World is very busy.


There is a another meaning of time for everyone.

Just I don’t want to get out from this moment.

I don’t want to miss it.

I am feeling like my day has stopped right here.

And I am stopping every day again and again.


Then is there any connections between this way and me!

Is there have any familiar story!

it’s the last line of story?

… Nargis…

One day with the Rain

Today was all–

The rain,the wind,that tree.

but you weren’t.

My heart was desperate to see you.

But, you wasn’t there.

My eyes came blurry for some unknown reason.

By closing my eyes–

#Fall, #Love

I was thinking I don’t want see anyone.

At a moment I felt silence I wasn’t hearing anything.

The day came into night,

but you still didn’t came.

My tears is coming continuously,

I thought I had lost my control,

I am feeling very cold,

This rain have save me because nobody can see my pain.



I don’t know,

Why I am feeling very special,

When I am thinking about you,

It’s seems that my heart connected with your heart,

I feel that a little sound inside my heart,


But I can’t hear what she trying
to say,

I think you are playing Hide-And-seek with me and my heart,

That’s why I have never seen you,

Why are you playing with me,

Please, come to my life.

I am waiting for you.

I don’t how and where will I cought you,

But I know that my heart will find it,

Maybe Today I failed,

But tommorow I will find you…


Kill Me!

Have you ever seen what I want,

You didn’t saw what I wanted to show,

You didn’t understand what I mean,


I speak in your language,

Now surely you are happy,

There is no value of my feeling,



Did I not recognize you,

Maybe I was in a darkness for so many years,

You know,

Maybe nothing has changed in you,

But I’m different now,

Now I believe that I don’t have any desire at all,

Will I request you one thing

Will you keep!

Kill me,

Because I can not live my dream,

Yes,Maybe I will be living as a living dead…



I don’t know how to smile,

I don’t know how to love,

I don’t know What is feeling,

But when you touch my face,

I feel so relaxed.

And when I scare at the midnight,

#Angel, #Love

Your kiss works like a medicine,

Then I feel what is Love.

What I feel about you,

You’re like a angel in my life,

And I know that—

You always protect me,

you always stay in my smile,

In my eyes,

In my soul.

And I promise you that I will be a better soul,

So that you don’t hate me letter….




Sometimes it seems that silence is better for me,

I don’t know,

What Happen to me—

when you shown the measure of love,

Is it really necessary?

Is not it enough that I love you?


Do I have to give a test?

Maybe! This test is to be given.

But, I…………………………………………………….

Maybe you’re my strong point or sensitive point,

And that’s what is going to attack me slowly,

My heart, My brain everything is going to be out of control,

I think about you all the time,

Your negative point is not showing me,

I think you have allure me…