Today we are meeting last time,

Isn’t it?

We will never meet again,

Tomorrow your new life will start with someone else,

Whom you never love,

Can you live with her for whole life?

Why your eyes looking so sad?

#End, #Love

Is it for me!

I wanted you to my God,


Please, don’t cry.

I can not bear your tears,

I will make a request to you,

Will you keep it?

Please, Don’t come in front of me anymore,

And Never ask me about the reason,

Remember that one thing,

Not all questions are answered,

It is better to keep some incomplete…………




Travel with youπŸ’“

Whenever I travel ,

I think about you,

Then I tell myself ,

Will we ever meet?

Or will we go from as strangers?

I think that if we move away from each other!

#Me, #Travel, #Love

If ever our path is not one!


When I look up to the sky and think these things,

Then the unfamiliar wind proved my thoughts to be false,

Then I was laughing with myself,

It’s prove me wrong,

Really weird!



I am not in my

My dream is no longer a dream,

I have been addicted to it for you,

My story is no longer the story,


it’s the story of my life,

My sleep is not my now,

#My, #Love

It’s teasing me like you,

My blessing are not for myself now,

It’s just a little effort to be good to you,

I don’t have anything for me now,

You’re always around me….🀩



Light and DarkπŸŒšβ˜€οΈ

When the morning light comes from the darkness of the Night,

The beauty of the blue line in the sky is amazing,

City light just flick,

The city surrounded by the fog kept something hidden,

Maybe there is a story,


And I am a story heroine in one of the many stories,

I think everything is connected to me,

Maybe the beginning of the story of someone else with me,

The warm winter breeze makes the feeling even more awkward,

Maybe I don’t exist in your city,

But I believe that

The way it starts every morning and ends,

That how I went to you and come back again…



Honey πŸ’

I falling love in your eyes,

When you look at me,

I feel that everything going to show down,

And I falling love in your smile,

I love that when you look at me and smiling,

I feel that my heart fly in the sky,


I falling love of your beautiful soul,

When you kind of poor people and help them,

I look at you with respect in my eyes,

I falling love with you

Since six years ago,

And I think that it’s just start now for being love each other,

It’s increasing day by day,

It’s proved that this love is never ending….



Sweet Memory

Everything is changing very quickly,

I’m very scared,

If I could stop the time here,

If I come back to the old days,

That smile, making fun

I could get back,

I was always around you,

You just never seen me,

#Memory, #Love

But I have not forgotten yet,

That memory is very special to me,


You have some of my memories which I like and can not be forgotten,

I never felt like you,

You were so important in my life,

That’s what you said, naughty things,

I still have not forgotten,

Those things are very much kept in memory,

I miss you today,

I don’t know how many years from now to meet you,

Everything else will be there!

I miss you so much….



Devil πŸ˜₯

Am I very selfish?

I heard that if someone hurts somebody’s,

than this person gets the same pain too,

Maybe I wanted to be the reason for the smile,

But I became the cause of the trouble and

again became the reason annoyance for somebody’s,

#Devil, #Love

It is big enough for everybody in life that he wants to show,

Insult are the bigger than everyone’s,

Love can not be seen in between,

Love is lost far away,

All my fault,

I’m not worthy of your love,

You’re right

I don’t know the definition of love,

How do I know?

Does the devil ever understand love?