I was by your side like an invisible shadow,

Whom you never seen,

Whoever you didn’t believe,

Whom you never love,

I was beside you like a discarded news paper,

Whom you have never read,

#Heart, #Love

You never heard that the sound of tears,

Only mistakes you have noticed,

The dust off love has thrown away,

Whose words have now eroded,

You heard that words but didn’t understand,

And that words came back to me like echoes,

I was with you like a incomplete story,

Whose feeling you didn’t feel…




A …. …. ….

Can you!

If I say to give me my dream,

Will you able to?

Can you!

If I tell you to love me,

Will you able to?

Can you!

if I say give me full of freedom,


And a little care.

If I say can you show me the whole world,

If I say give me secure,

And show me how much you believe in me.

Can you do it?

If I say returned my smile,

Can you give me?

If I tell you to take me too far,

And give me a lovable life,

Can you gift me?

I know,
you can’t,


You’re also one of them…



I am lucky to be with you all the time,

When I have grief, you will be there too.

When I needed you that time you there with you,

Now, I reveal myself from you.

I don’t know–

How long this love will be to me?


I will never complain as long as this remains,

I am very grateful to you,

Maybe for you, I can live some more time.

Because you’re my favorite,

When I came to you, all my trouble disappeared.

Now you and me are just a story,

The only word ,

And that is Love…


Blue Butterfly

The blue butterflies in my wall are falling apart,

Maybe they can not stay here anymore,

Maybe one day I will see the entire wall is empty,

I was very happy when I decorate this,

There was a lot of love,

Maybe this blue butterfly was the symbol of my love,

#Blue, #Butterfly, #Love

But, not everyone has the ability to understand,

Some of them just has came back to me with a meaningless identity,

They complained about you,

I never wanted to bring you this blue butterfly,

But, my misfortune.

Now, you’re lost.

And I am very good with my blue butterfly…



I think the definition of love will learn again,

What is family,

What is friendship is also learned,

As long as

it’s seems like the new face of the relationship is going to discover,

Everything is hiding by mask,

#Mask, #Love

A mask than can end you,

I never thought that life will become difficult in this way,

Who I am?

Maybe I can not keep a mask like you,

It would have been better if I could wear a mask like you,

Then the trouble would never have been revealed……



There will be a time,

When no other feeling will touch me,

Maybe that day will be too late,

And I am going to be a robot,

Maybe everyone will be happy that day,

And I’ll be happy to think that I’m not responsible for somebody’s liability,

#Delight, #Love

No one else will have to worry about me,

If that day I had to do any work against will,

It would not be a problem,

Because the object named emotion is lost,

Now, My tears doesn’t come.

Because I have learned act to be happy…


TiMe……………………….=_= …… …….

If ever this night is not for me in the morning,


Sometimes it seems that there will be a night in this many nights for me,

Maybe that night may still be there,

Maybe I will wake up,

And see it’s not morning,

#Time, #Love

Maybe I’ll see,

My rigged paper on top of my table,

My incomplete novel,

Maybe my favorite pen will be alone,

My chair might be miss me,

I know,

Just I will waiting for you,

Maybe my time will stop,

But your time will not stop…