Small parts of my heartπŸ’•

You’re a small part of my life,

Which on one can ever take,

If I do not have quarrel with you then it seems that my whole day was stunned,

You love that when I getting angry with you,

I also love to bother you and to tease you all the time,

If I ever get away from yourself,

#heart, #Love

I Know that day is very painful for you,

And me too,

Just without a chance,

Only I can not show my trouble,

I’ll cry but behind it,

You know my biggest secret,


I have a baby behind this angry face,

Only you know that,

And you can share everything with this person,

Which I like it so much,

I understand that you understand me as well,

And me too,

Although you tell me that you do not like me,

But I know what you want,

I love you too….


…. Nargis….



I never want you to be lost from my life,

If I wake up at the mid-Night and I don’t see you that time,

I’m scared,

You know Nah how much I afraid of darkness?

But I never thought darkness would be my partner,

#Change, #Love

And also I didn’t think that I really lose you,

And my life will cover this dark,

I still feel afraid to sleep alone,

But I can’t say it anyone,

How many years have I not slept with your hand,

I still go back to you,

So that I can spend some time to with you,

I don’t know how much time there is in my hand,

I am feeling very lonely,

It’s a lot of trouble I have,

How can I forget you?

Now there is no one next to me,

And Today lonely is my life…


…. Nargis….

Feeling love❀️❀️

I am complete with yourself,

How I thank you!

I never considered myself so lucky,

You are the light in my life,

For which my life is enlightened,

You have sanctified my life,

Maybe I want to more holy,

#Love, #Feel

These words are all yours,

But it seems new today,

Now you and me just only one soul,

One meaning,

Is One love, One faith,

One is the bond,

So, you can not leave me now,

If you want to love me more,

Then you can do this,

I will not say anything,

Because I want to be with you all the time,

Where you just lose in me and I lose to you….




I wanted to think about you but I can’t even do that,

I don’t have that right,

Dreams are not good at everyone’s life,

As it was not in my case,

I thought I would always be happy in my world,

And now that happy has become a black shadow in my life,

#Cursed, #Life, #Love

It was not meant to happen,

I had some dreams,

I know it will never be filled,

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life,

Now in my life I have become a cursed form,

Where no one can come,

Except for me and my cursed life,


It will never come to me,

Not everyone is worthy of feeling,

In this way , maybe I will go away….




I have never dreamed of getting you ,

I have never thought of any bad thoughts about you,

I never imagined that I’m gonna kiss you or hug you,

I have never tried to show my right to you,

I never wanted that you live in bad life ,


I never wanted to harm you,

Because I never do it,

Even though everyone misunderstood me,

You know Nah what I want for you,

Maybe I am bad girl for the whole world,

But I know that how much I love you,

How much I care for you?

Of course, you don’t doubt about it…



… Nargis….😢


I love you,

And from the beginning when you came in life,

And until now I love you,

Since when I started my story with you,

Some people tease me because I love you,


Because it is unfair to them,

They never understand this love,

I Know that how I love you?

There is no physical demand in this love,

There is no condition,

There is no egoistic,

There thought will never get me away from you,

Maybe I want something else,


I want to be happy for you all my life………………



…..Nargis 2019…..


You wanted to know what is your definition in my life?

You’re my every time,

Every second in my life,

You are my breath,

My Destiny,

My trust, my love.

You are my writing, my singing

My Dancing,

#You, #My

My city, my family.

My shadow, my book, my best friend,

You are my Prince, my kingdom.

My heart, my smile.

My dream, my inspiration, my pride,

You are my pray, my soul, my wish,

My winter, My fall,

My rain, My rainbow,

My sea, my shyness.

You’re my secret, My gift,

My dearest, my waiting,

My day, my night, my feel,

You’re my fairytale, my hope, my sketch,

My fantasy………………………



… Nargis…